Far more than just the sum of its parts, the Trace Group is bound together by a common belief in the importance of customer service.

The Group was founded in 1974 by Richard Wolfe, then an idealistic young software developer. It has maintained both its independence and its character throughout the years that have followed. And all of the Group companies enjoy long and productive relationships with their clients.

As the company has grown, so it has moved into various highly specialised business areas – with software solutions for property management, insurance broking, financial messaging and payroll – and in each of these areas it has developed mission critical systems on which clients are able to base their businesses. 

The four companies that comprise the Trace Group are primarily business specialists, focused on each of these sectors. But they are technology specialists too, as mission critical solutions cannot survive without best of breed software. Constant evolution and investment in innovation is why the Trace Group continues to thrive almost 40 years after its foundation.

The Trace Group is wholly owned and run by its employees. Its status as an independent, employee-owned company was assured in 2007, when Richard Wolfe used his own shareholding to help fund the contested but ultimately successful management buyout.

Prior to that, the Trace Group was a PLC listed on the London Stock Exchange. Trace was the first company ever to move from public ownership to employee share ownership, a feat it achieved without the need for any external finance.

It therefore remains completely in control of its own destiny.

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